Solar Paneling & Installation

Solar Paneling & Installation

Quality solar panel installation, servicing all of West Palm Beach County and South Florida.

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How much does it cost for solar panel installation?

While the cost of solar installation will vary by roof type, location of installation, size of panels etc..  The average rate is about $1.25 /Watt to about $2/Watt depending on the specifics.

How much does a solar panel system cost?

As of 2017, the average cost of solar paneling in the U.S. is $3.27 per watt. For example, the cost for a 10kW solar system would be around $22,890 after ITC discount.  The price will vary depending how many kWh your solar panel system is going to generate.

Solar Investment Tax Credit

One benefit of purchasing a solar system is the “Solar Investment Tax Credit” or (ITC).  The ITC is a 30% tax credit for solar systems on residential (under Section 25D) and commercial (under Section 48) properties.

What is your electricity requirement?

There are some things to consider before calculating the total cost for a solar panel job.  You should calculate the amount power you need to generate based on your electricity consumption of your home or business. The price of your electricity will vary by location, but the average cost of electricity in South Florida is about $0.12/kWh.  To make things easy try out this solar panel installation cost calculator.  Once you determine the amount electricity you’re looking to generate, you can then determine you solar system size.

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