About Us

About Us

Meet The Team Leader


“You tell me your vision and I make it real.”

Hadi Yazdani Moghaddam


Master’s Degree In Physics from Florida Atlantic University.

Florida State General Contractor License, CGC 1512573.

Florida State Roofing Contractor License, CCC 1328214.



Our Approach

A team can only perform as good as their leader’s standards and integrity, and for that reason The Leader must be knowledgeable in all aspects of it profession and know how every thing is supposed to be done the correct way.

Our customers satisfaction and project completion rating has always been 100%.

I currently hold an active state of Florida General and Roofing  license.  Additionally I have college level teaching experience.

It’s very simple! critical thinking and common sense every step of the way. Every project has its own unique set of conditions and must be studied carefully. In the end you will appreciate Dream Builderz Corp for delivering their promise!

“Our vision” is to give you the best products and services that was agreed upon and do exactly that. No short cuts and cutting corners, and that will set us apart from others in the construction industry.